“Keeping your play areas safe”

The improper maintenance of synthetic fields causes lost years of future play ability.
A great deal of wear can be reduced by having a proper preventative care maintenance program in place as soon as your field is installed.

Wear, as a result of improper maintenance, voids your warranty of the yarn manufacturer.

Fields need to be cleaned, sanitized and re-groomed (turn/fluff infill system). This process needs to be performed by professionals.

Our focus is preventative maintenance and protecting your investment. Our services protect your field and your players.

Impact or “G” max values are required to fall within a certain range for any playing surface. This value needs to be tested and certified each season, so your players are protected. Included in our services is the use of this equipment.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:

If you are not completely satisfied with our services provided, we will return to the field or play area, until you are completely satisfied that your field or play area is the best it can be and meets your every expectation. Our installers and groomers want a referral from every job they perform.